Speculation around Mavrodi: scammers didn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this

Last week a message appeared on Twitter on behalf of Sergei Mavrodi: “Well … Rested a little bit and that’s enough. The Mavro office is launched…”.

People who created the Mavro currency, have a relatively mediocre attitude towards Sergei Mavrodi.  Scammers, having created during the life of Mavrodi, mavrocoin stole money from people for the Mavro project. And after the death of Sergei Mavrodi, they continue to manipulate by his name.  Moreover, it is extremely difficult to talk about the resurrection of the Mavrodi, as it is presented in the media.

After the death, law enforcement agencies carried out forensic examination, which can not be doubted. As for the media themselves, they always accused Mavrodi of misappropriating other people’s billions. And despite the prison term for the fraud, there is NO evidence of appropriation of this money. What is obvious is the success of Mavrodi in the education of true leaders.

And this means that after death, Mavrodi himself will not slip into obscurity, but dissolve in the future – in the deeds of his followers, who bring to the world the idea of ​​financial freedom.


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