Representatives of governments around the world are trying to find a lever for managing the turnover of cryptocurrencies

Last week, the US government discussed how to get rid of the anonymity of cryptocurrency through regulation. And this is despite the fact that there is no conclusive evidence of the use of crypto currency in illegal activities. Deprivation the cryptocurrency of anonymity and decentralization means complete control over the process, as is the case with banks and securities.

In the process of regulation Monero, Dash and Zcash cryptocurrencies were delisted from the Coincheck exchange as currencies focused on increased user privacy. This decision was the result of the execution of the order from the Financial Services Agency of Japan. Perhaps delisting is due to the fact that Coincheck, as it became known last week, plans to enter the US market.

Discussion of the legal status of the cryptocurrency continues in the Russian Federation. On Tuesday, on 22d of May, the State Duma discussed the draft law on cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding.

Meanwhile, the European Union has not yet agreed on the regulation of cryptocurrency, but they are promoting the technology of blockchain. But despite the fact that financing of new blockchain projects may be included in the long-term budget of the EU, the main goal is to introduce state regulation into the process.


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