On the 27-th of July, 2018, the renewed PRIZM blockchain was launched

Such a cardinal decision was made in connection with the fact that the source code could not be changed on the working blockchain of PRIZM.

A new version of the blockchain is launched on an isolated network, only data for coinmarketcap, wallet.prizm.space and blockchain.prizm.space are sent to the outside.

Three-level security system. The first part is generated on the server side wallet.prizm.space, the second part is generated by the browser on the user’s side, and the third part is added by the user from the mind.

Nowadays, more than 90% of user coins have been transferred to a new wallet. At the request of users, migration of coins using transit keys was extended until the first of September, 2018.

From 1 to 14 of September, a move will be made without transit keys. Also on September 14, GODHAB will publish NODA in public access where PRIZM Discovery and PRIZM Loyalty will already be integrated.


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