First place in the rating of the CryptoFace project Alexey Muratov became the leader of the voting

As the founder of the project, Andrei Voronkov, said the idea was born accidentally: “At some point in the fall of the market, some people began to make “honor boards” with crypto-villains – it was negatively perceived by representatives of the community of the new Russia economy. In response to this, my acquaintance Boris Pashchenko jokingly made a plaque honoring “Crypto fellows” (and was there in the first place). When I saw this, I had an idea to make an interactive rating, where it would be possible to express both a positive and negative attitude to some personality from cryptoeconomics.

«The project began to grow rapidly. After the dislikes were removed attendance began to fall, although less participants in the rating deleted themselves their persons from voting. Therefore, there are many directions for development. Firstly, we plan to return the dislikes. Secondly, add comments – many participants in the rating with a lot of minuses ask for what they get it».

«Comments will help to better understand the way out and drop down. In addition, the number, quality and style of comments can be judged on how much the rating is inflated».


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