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List of exchanges where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency

PRIZM.STORE — is the official exchange of the crypto currency, here you can easily find people buying or selling PRIZM.

Within the exchange, you can use any currency or crypto currency.


Exchange platform BTC24 is the aggregator of liquidity for cryptocurrencies. The service offers margin trading, trade with physical delivery, and liquidity distribution of brokerage campaigns. BTC24 gives advantages to both the financial institutions as well as to the retail customers. In particular, users are provided with information on the depth of the cryptocurrency market – this direction unites brokers, exchanges, and other financial institutions on the same platform.

At the same time, retail customers get the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency in the format of a broker, a stock exchange, and an exchanger.

*Web-platform BTC24 works only in Google Chrome browser. Please, don’t use other browsers.

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Guide to BTC24 in PDF

Telegram Prizm Exchanger – was created with the purpose of free exchange of cryptocurrency Prizm. In the most secure messenger. For the whole dynamically developing community of PRIZM.

Address — @tradeprizmbot Working hours: 09.00-21.00 (Moscow time) – without holidays.

Four crypto-currencies – BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH and Perfect Money (USD) can be easily exchanged for PRIZM.
Mobile solution for active people in every smartphone — @tradeprizmbot.

@tradeprizmbot in Telegram

Telegram-bot for the exchange of PRIZM into other crypto-currencies and any fiat money. Also it is made for the purchase of tickets, tourist products.

Developed by Don Avia (DNR).

@prizmdnr_bot in Telegram


Directions of exchange
Yandex Money -> PRIZM -> Yandex Money
AdvCash -> PRIZM -> AdvCash
PerfectMoney -> PRIZM -> PerfectMoney
NixMoney -> PRIZM -> NixMoney
PayPal -> PRIZM -> PayPal

Buy PRIZM on Prizmex is world’s most advanced Prizm trading exchange with referral income in prizm coin.

PrizmX is very easy to register as you do not need any email or verification or registration. Simply Telegram based Registration process.
Online & Offline 24X7 Support system.

Instant Payout & Prizm Transfers on Purchase.

Temporarily out of service for PRIZM

SIGEN – a platform for trading of cryptocurrencies in exchange for any fiat currency in the world. You can trade on the exchange and earn on the fluctuations of rates, you can save the cryptocurrency, and quickly and without intermediaries exchange it into fiat money or other coins. All of this – with minimal commissions, high speed, automatic conclusions and absolute safety. With SIGEN, you can forget about long expectations, huge costs, risks of encountering scammers or being hacked.

Buy PRIZM on Sigen

On the website you can easily sell and buy cryptocurrency and other digital assets to those users who match the parameters of your transaction. The main page of the platform contains all the current active user exchange announcements, which can also be sorted according to various criteria for viewer’s convenience. However, the ability to view the details of the announcement and directly effectuate the transaction will be available only after registration on the site.

Temporarily out of service for PRIZM

Deex provides a reliable and convenient platform for fast trading, buying or selling of cryptocurrencies by using the most popular methods. Payments for the currencies available in the country of residence.

Buy PRIZM on Deex
Guide to Deex in PDF

OpenLedger is currently one of the most powerful crypto-exchange platforms, with a number of subsidiaries and their tokens being maintained by the ecosystem.

Buy PRIZM on OpenLedger
Guide to OpenLedger in PDF

Built by using the latest industry research, BitShares 2.0 offers a stack of financial services, including the exchange and banking on blockchain.

Buy PRIZM on BitShares
Guide to Bitshares in PDF

Centralized exchanges – is the old habit and the decentralized ones – is the future, which is already here. Protection from attacks by third parties and governments. Decentralized exchange of assets in a single international market.

Buy PRIZM on Rudex
Guide to Rudex in PDF is a public P2P (from hand to hand) exchanger of PRIZMs from rePRIZM with paramining of 0.4% per day, which safely connects a seller and a buyer. PRIZMs on PRIZMtorg are sold and bought for different currencies in the world using any payment system. Purchase, replenishment and withdrawal are carried out absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. There is only 2% commission for sale. Using PRIZMtorg, you can exchange any currency for any other one having spent at the same time only 2%

Buy PRIZM on PRIZMtorg

Exchanger is created for the exchange of fiat money to PRIZM coins at a fixed exchange rate within 1$.

A convenient and reliable platform for the exchange of Prizm PZM cryptocurrency to AdvCash USD, Perfect Money USD, NixUSD NixUSD, Sberbank RUB, Tinkoff RUB, Qiwi RUB and Privat24 UAH. And also a quick exchange between each other. Technical support, contacts, simple registration, transparency, official recognition of the structure Prizm-Turbo team.

Buy PRIZM on e-coinstrade

@prizmcashbot – International leaders of “CWT Africa” and “CWT Asia” have joined together and introduced a semi-automatic telegram-exchanger called PRIZM CASH. The sale and purchase of PRIZM is carried our at a fixed rate within the community, which makes it possible to implement the concept of “Prizm inside Prizm” in reality for the first time. Attention and individual approach to each leader of the comminuty.

Live support 24/7 – @prizmcashsupport. Join now!

@prizmcashbot in Telegram

Exchange “MyPrizm” (Reliably, Efficiently, Profitable)
– e-mail security guarantee of all your transactions on MyPRIZM
– We do not have a commission for currency exchange
– “Parking” is not only for PRIZM, but also for rubles.

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