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Coinmarketcap (Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations) – a site for tracking the market capitalization volumes and a register of all crypto currencies.
The site provides analytical information on exchanges and markets (volumes, capitalization), as well as current index of more than 800 crypto-currencies (price indicators, rate dynamics etc)

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Led by Bitcoin, the Cryptocurrency network has been making a rapid growth over past years. It is now inches away to be popularized based on quantitative expansion and recognition of its effective value. With various indicators and associated information, our goal is to provide a one-stop place where users have quick and easy access to the network of Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

As a result, Coinhills could help the Cryptocurrency network grow faster than ever and settle down into our lives more easily.

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The goal of CoinGecko is to collect all the possible data which is necessary to give quantitative and qualitative determination of the value for each of the known crypto-currencies.
This monitor site plans to determine the value of each crypto currency based on its own algorithm in order to show how valuable it is compared to its competitors.।

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Rates Viewer

The service of Rates Viewer Monitoring is designed to provide operational and reliable data on current exchange rates of major world currencies and crypto-currencies.

The project also provides information on the volume of the market and allows you to correlate the value of currencies and cryptocurrencies with each other.

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The Currexy Monitor is a tool for tracking the world exchange rates. It is a free online currency converter of currencies or crypto currencies. Currency charts in real time will allow you to learn all about the changes of rates.

Having accurate and up-to-date exchange rates and operational information will always keep you one step ahead.

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The monitoring service CryptoCompare was founded in the early 2014. It’s main purpose is to compare the current cryptographic concepts. The project allows you to keep a track on the update of prices, rates and various indicators associated with cryptocurrencies, fiat money, etc – in real time. Also, forum users can easily interact and discuss the market and share their experiences.

The authors of the project believe that it is very important to share operative and easily accessible information with new users who want to use Blockchain technology.

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