The development strategy of the PRIZM

The way, today’s stage and plans for the future

Year 2016

The creation of an international public movement, its goal is to create an alternative world financial system, to achieve the maximum number of participants in the movement in the maximum number of countries.

Year 2017

1st quarter of year 2017 – Creation and launch of a fully decentralized crypto currency PRIZM, technically superior to all existing crypto-currencies in the world at the moment.

2nd-3d quarter of year 2017 – the distribution of pre-mining coins at the rate of $ 1 among the supporters of the international public movement “Change the World Together” (in limited minimum possible amounts for the purpose of  achieving maximum decentralization all overthe world).

4th quarter of 2017 – the beginning of active promotion of Crypto-currency PRIZM and sales of PRIZM to the supporters of “Change the World Together” all over the world

Year 2037

After achieving of the final issue of PRIZM in the amount of 6,000,000,000, the pre-mining stops, an international referendum is held among PRIZM users (on the topic of renewal of emission and pre-mining).